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And finally, a few pictures from the air (I took a helicopter ride). Here the natural arch in the Rock Islands, Palau.

IMG 2302




IMG 2300

More of the rock islands:

IMG 2299


IMG 2307


IMG 2308



Honeymoon beach from above:

IMG 2323

Honeymoon beach from below:


German channel:

IMG 2329


IMG 2334






IMG 2310

This is the amazing jellyfish lake. You can see the jellyfish concentrated in the upper right corner of the lake (the slightly yellow tinge); apparently they migrate from east to west of the lake every day. The larger dots are people snorkeling and swimming towards the jellyfish (scuba diving is prohibited, one reason being that the lower layers of the lake contain poisonous gas that can be absorbed through the skin…)

IMG 2316

The jellyfish, in the absence of predators, have evolved not to sting (or rather, their sting is not really dangerous or noticeable). It is quite bizarre to float through them. They feel nice and squishy.

IMG 1926

 More islands and beaches:

IMG 2337


IMG 2341


IMG 2346


IMG 2355

 The helicopter pilot did a low pass through this "valley". Very remarkable (the passenger in the back seat screamed). It is reminiscent of the landscape in Avatar.

IMG 2373


IMG 2379

We saw a manta ray from the helicopter. 


Here is another remarkable sight: the Milky Way Lagoon. A beautiful small cove with a bottom of white clay/mud, apparently created by snails feeding on limestone.

IMG 2369


IMG 2365




 The water has an amazing color, and it's fun to smear the mud all over yourself (also supposed to be good for your health and your skin...) 


 This was Palau. Awesome diving and snorkeling and boating and flying. Wonderful holiday.

Most Beautiful Place on Earth