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Last weekend I was in Cebu, Philippines, for some diving with a few friends. Very, very nice.

We spent the day on this interesting kind of outrigger boat, apparently called Bangka:

They're fairly fast, and very smooth on the water. (I assume that this outrigger is used (rather than keel boats as in HK) because on one hand, there's lots of space, but on the other hand, the water can be very shallow.) Anyway, the water and weather were brilliant:

So, we went on two dives. A nice relaxing current moved us along, and we saw a variety of fish.

(I still have pretty bad sunburn on the areas not covered by the shorty wetsuit.)

We engaged in some (presumably ecologically questionable) fish feeding, and had clouds (schools? I love collective nouns, the English revenge for Chinese measure words...) of fish around us, among them a particularly greedy large yellow one that we dubbed the "investment banker fish".

Excellent dinner afterwards at this place called abacá:

On a side note, we had lots of fun emulating Asian poses, such as "Pointing":