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So, the aircraft was repaired this morning, so I set off to Olifantwater (finally met Ralph, Christian, Ecki), and further on to FYKT (Keetmanshoop, Namibia) - time was getting tight.

Climbing out of FYWE (Windhoek Eros, Namibia) and circling SE of the field to gain altitude - there's a ridge around the southern half of Windhoek.

Flying over the ridge south of Windhoek.

Arrived in Olifantwater! ZS-NXW, Ralph, Fab, Ecki.

A quick break in the swimmingpool/water reservoir before lunch:

Ecki, Ralph, Christian, and Springbockbraten - the gazelle was shot on the farm, and prepared by Ecki and Christian.

Farm life...

And back to the plane and off.

On left downwind leg to FYKT (Keetmanshoop).