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Clearing customs and immigrations in FYKT (Keetmanshoop, Namibia) and FAUP (Upington, South Africa) was no problem (in Keetmanshoop, the lady at customs and immigrations still remembered me - there is not so much traffic, really).

I had a very nice tailwind (here's a video, 11MB) on the flight to the South-East, so instead of going direct to FAUP, I diverted to the Augrabies waterfalls (just a few miles west).

Augrabies Falls, Orange River. The Khoi (Hottentots) called it "Aukoerebis", place of great noise.

Intersection take off from Upington - it is a very long runway...

Waypoint FASS: Sishen. "Jo'burg West Info, Zulu-Sierra-November-Xray-Whiskey over Sishen 1412, expect next Schweizer Reneke 1510."

Rainbow - the picture does not do justice to what I saw.

I arrived well in Klerksdorp after 5.3h flight that day (FYKT-FAUP 2.3, FAUP-FAKD 3.0), and Cliff picked me up at the airport. He invited me to his company's christmas party at a beautiful lake - a great sunset, BBQ (steak!), cold beer, and fantastic company - what more can you ask for?