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Buenos Aires, Moers, Karlsruhe, Warwick, London, Palo Alto, Hong Kong; Goldman, Credit Suisse, HackerSchool, metric system, The Economist.

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The glas fibre cable between Ondangwa and Windhoek was cut. There was no phone, no mobile phone, no internet, and my satellite phone was out of batteries. Anyway, there was no aircraft mechanic in Namibia except in Windhoek (the friendly guy I had been recommended at Ondangwa airport itself as an expert turned out to be air traffic control, manning the tower on occasion.) Hence, I stayed another day, and after (finally) coordinating (somewhat) with Willie from the flight school and the repair facilities in Windhoek, flew back there - this time not direct (that would have led me directly over the Etosha pan), but nice and cozy along the roads. 3.8 hours later I arrived in Windhoek Eros, and had the aircraft repaired.

Lamentably, this thwarted my original plan to fly east, along the Caprivi Strip and the Okavango delta, via Botswana back to Johannesburg. Hence, I shall have to return at some point - not a big sacrifice, really.

Fröhlicher Nikolaus.