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Buenos Aires, Moers, Karlsruhe, Warwick, London, Palo Alto, Hong Kong; Goldman, Credit Suisse, HackerSchool, metric system, The Economist.

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Just been back in HK for two weeks, and already two old friends from Germany have visited (independently). Here's Jamil and me in front of my office:

Yesterday, Olaf and his wife called unexpectedly - they had just arrived in HK for two days. We went to Stanley market and the peak - the view was very good this time, then had a few drinks in the Four Seasons, and I went off to the Youssou N'dor concert. Afterwards, drinks in Fong's and the Kee club.

Today, Sebastian, Jörn and I went gocarting in Zhūhǎi 珠海 in China (close to Macau). It had rained, and there was a lot of skidding and sliding. For a short period in the last race, I was first - then I made a mistake and was overtaken, and then my gocart died. Heaps of fun nevertheless.