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Buenos Aires, Moers, Karlsruhe, Warwick, London, Palo Alto, Hong Kong; Goldman, Credit Suisse, HackerSchool, metric system, The Economist.

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Cross country flight and practical test. From FATP Tempe (Bloemfontein) to FAJK (Jan Kempdorp - a fairly obscure field, not listed in many places, apparently used to be a military field). I flew right past it without seeing it initially - pilotage is not trivial. At least I did not fly over the ammunition depot there, a prohibited zone. Then off to FAKM (Kimberley) to refuel, and back to Tempe.

My instructor Stefan Veldman and I in Kimberley after refueling.

Back to FATP Tempe, left downwind for runway 01 (you can see the other end, runway 19, in the lower right corner).

I passed!