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Just bought a dehumidifier. It is hot and humid here. Also got a water filter, so I don't have to carry bottles of BonAqua from the 7/11 at the corner anymore - waste of plastic, really.

Last weekend, I had lunch with Jack (whom I know from London). His wife now works with my ex-colleague Philip - small world... After a goooood lunch, I strolled back to the Star Ferry terminal. On the way, I dropped into the HK Cultural Center. They have a free performance every Saturday afternoon, it turns out - I still haven't quite figured out how the HK economy works (however, apparently a third of tax revenues come from the financial sector - my colleagues, in other words). This week, there was a Mexican Mariachi band. It was fun - so far, I had only seen them on markets and streets in, well, Mexico. They play very rhythmic and passionate music, and in Latin America, will immediately have everyone dancing, or at least twitching. Here, in HK, nobody of the (predominantly elderly Chinese) audience was moving or swaying in the least. A classical clash of cultures moment. However, next a pretty Mexican couple appeared on stage and danced, and soon everyone was clapping and getting into the swing of things.

Just opposite the ferry terminal, there's my favourite Chinese sweet/dessert spot: 許留山 (Xu Liu Shan - little remember mountain?). Wonderful mango/coconut/aloe/grapefruit pudding-drinks. I had two. Internationally, they're known as Creation Dessert, and Xiaochen introduced me to it in the (significant) China town in Milpitas, California. I suggest to skip the items containing "Crystal Snow" (seems to be a mix of frog fat and frog ovaries, extracted from the whole reproductive tract...) and "Bird's nest" (an actual bird's nest, composed of "interwoven strands of salivary laminae cement", that is bird's spit).

This Friday, Thai dinner with Bjoern - his girl friend is moving here this weekend, so we bid farewell to his bacholorhood. Saturday, dinner at Enoteca on my street, then dessert (Tiramisu) at Peccato - the best Tiramisu in HK I've encountered so far (it still falls short of the one Almudena prepares though).